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"Profitable Plumbing"
How To Make The Most Money In The Plumbing And Heating Trade

This book is a terrific resourse for the professional plumber or anyone in a related business or thinking of going into business for themselves.

"This book will do just what the title says. It will help you put more money in your pocket by learning how to serve your customers more completely on each call." - Scott Gregg (author)

Vic, our founder, has taught many college plumbing courses. He highly recommends this book for professional plumbers and for those who are possibly considering getting into the plumbing profession.

"It's a very small investment with the potential to change a plumbers business completely. If you're in the plumbing service 'business' then I HIGHLY recommend this book and think it's a 'must have.' I am so sure that this book can help or give a few tips and more than pay for itself that I guarantee it. If you are a plumbing contractor or master plumber, and if after reading this book you don't feel that this book has more than paid for itself, then we'll even take it back within 6 months."

Scott Gregg's book Profitable Plumbing
Paperback (6"x9") ISBN # 1418454893

"Profitable Plumbing" - book = $14.49

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Many plumbers work hard their whole lives without making the profit that they deserve.

Many have never had any real training in how to deal with customers or how to sell products to make a better profit.

According to the author, Scott Gregg, many millions of dollars in lost opportunity goes unearned each year because plumbers simply don't know how to spot these opportunities and meet their customers needs to make all of that extra money.

This great book will give the plumbing professional the skills they need to make much more money starting on their very next job!

"Whether you work for someone else or are in business for yourself, you will learn how to make more money for your pocket while growing a better customer base that will keep you working and making great profits even when times get tough and others are out of work. The techniques, tactics and skills that you need are all right here in this book.

Start here and start putting much more money in your pocket without working any harder than you already are."

Table of Contents:


Chapter #1 - Plumbing for Profit - page 1

Chapter #2 - Getting the Plumber ready - page 11

Chapter #3 - The Truck - page 21

Chapter #4 - The Business Plan - page 31

Chapter #5 - The Plumber's Network of Customers - page 51

Chapter #6 - Profit Boosters - page 67

Chapter #7 - Time Savers, Gadgets and Specialty Tools - page 107

Chapter #8 - Records and Bookkeeping - page 117

Chapter #9 - Philanthropy - page 127

Closing Thoughts - page 131

Suggested Reading - page 133

Acknowledgments - page 139

About the Author:

M. Scott Gregg is a Master Plumber with over 20 years experience in the trade. His sales experience and training helped him realize that the trade is not doing a good job, preparing plumbers to go out and make the money that they should on most jobs. After seeing many lost opportunities, Scott began to look for any available material to help plumbing contractors be more successful. He quickly found that there was no available book to help plumbers learn the sales skills they need to make the profit that they should be making on every job. His book will show you how to make more money than other plumbers without doing more work by giving you the skills you need!

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